Full stack OVP technology

Holistic white label solutions to enterprise clients

Our OVP enables market leaders to connect content, Brands and Media under one sophisticated platform and customize it to fit their needs. Our API connections to well-known, established and popular media and demand ad servers allow for an instant live ecosystem, turning your business into an active marketplace moderator.

  • Audience insights and targeting
  • Full stack solution
  • Employ whitelist and blacklist features

Truvid live marketplace

Maximum exposure to quality demand sources


The truvid marketplace is ideal for content owners, brands or media providers. Anyone connected can showcase their inventory and command the best price, whilst building an immediate revenue stream. Demand partners of truvid receive instant access to premium media sources, and can create a perfect match between content and audiences, creating the ultimate viewer experience

  • Access to top tier content providers and premium media sources
  • Instant access to leading market entities
  • Increase user time spent on site through content matching

SSP for publishers

Demand the best price on every impression

truvid SSP technology allows media owners to extract professional content and monetize ad revenues through innovative ad formats and viewable widgets.
Determine pricing, and be confident that we are taking the measures to maintain the integrity of all the inventory.

  • Top of the line SAAS platform
  • Ideal for publishers with video aspirations
  • Powerful audience insights

HTML 5 media player

Flawless video streaming, lightweight and quick loading


Our HTML 5 media player incorporates advanced advertising customization gestures as well as advanced bidding technology, allowing you to achieve superb ad revenue optimization and top fill rates.

  • Progressive video streaming tools
  • Best ad revenue optimization and top fill rates
  • Fully customizable

Content Management Platform

Captivate you audience instantly

Content owners can instantly partner with top tier publishers and gain maximum exposure while distributing their work to a loyal and growing audience of billions.
Our premium technology allows you to control distribution, and see exactly where your content is being consumed.

  • Reach over 2000 high traffic websites
  • Retain full control over distribution, pricing and ownership
  • Command the best price for your videos