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truvid, a full featured online video platform, includes sophisticated and leading technological tools that provide a perfect match between audiences and content.

Maximize your revenues and gain exposure to top advertisers, premium quality and original content, all under one roof.

  • 100 Original videos added daily
  • 6 Widgets to increase user engagement
  • 100% Brand safe content
  • 100K Videos in our library
  • 20 Top tier content providers
Add an additional revenue stream
Increase user duration through compelling video content
Embed HD, premium videos into your website in just a few clicks
Choose from a range of non intrusive user friendly widgets to implement

Embed a variety of innovative ad formats in your website

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Content Owners

Reach billions of individual users daily

At truvid, we've developed the ideal platform for content owners to sell their videos at the highest rate.

Through partnerships with top tier publishers who have a loyal and ever growing audience, content owners can predetermine pricing and distribution over all their work.

Content owners can grow their audience, expand their brand awareness and maximize their revenues through our sophisticated content management platform.

We work with some of the most respected and well-known content providers because we are reliable, transparent and hold ourselves to the highest professional standards.

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    Advanced monetization tools
    Reach an audience of billions
    Predetermine pricing and fixed rates
    Monitor and control your content through our advanced platform
    More than 500 premium niche publishers
    Expose your videos to billions on high traffic websites

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Reach your target audience with ease

  • Audience Insights

    Gain valuable insights on audience behavior through sophisticated technology allowing you to deliver more meaningful videos online.

  • Viewability

    Advertisers are guarenteed high viewability ad placements, increasing time spent on site, allowing premium video consumption for targetted users.

  • Brand Safety & Transparency

    Partner with top tier publishers and 3rd party fraud prevention companies in addition to propietary software technology, ensuring full transparency and security measures.

  • API integration

    Swift and simple API integration, providing you with programmable access to every service and feature within the truvid platform.

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